Application for a Visa

1.Apply for a visa:

You can do it yourself to the embassy/consulate of Vietnam in your country visa to Vietnam by invitation provided by the exhibition organizers or visa services of the organization in the form get visa at the airport gate.
a.Requirement: you must submit a valid passport for 6 months, visa application form, and maybe some other papers as required by the embassy / consulate of Vietnam in your country . You can directly apply at the visa section or send by mail to the visa department. In some cases, you can apply for visa via email.
See the visa application form and a list of the Embassy / Consulate of Vietnam in foreign countries (as well as the Embassy / Consulate abroad in Vietnam).
b.Time: The processing time for tourist visa lasts from 4 to 5 days.
Online certif fees: visa fees differ between the embassy; eg about 50 USD in Bangkok and 85 usd in Washington.

2.Application for viza  through the Organizers:
a.Requirement: You must submit scanned copies of passports valid for 6 months, filling in the visa application form and send it to the Exhibition Organizing Board.
b.Time: The processing time tourist visa lasts from 4 to 5 days.
b.fee: contact for more details

3.Through the units doing in business of tourist visa to visit at