Vietnam Gaming


Exploring the Gaming Industry in Vietnam The country is progressively taking on gaming into greater heights by offering its citizens a more advanced way of entertainment.

Vietnam is #1 Gaming Industry in ASEAN

  • Vietnam market will extend in a much wider range of VR/AR games, Web game, eSports and Console playing as well.
  • Mobile game sector in Vietnam consumed 3,300 billion in 2018 and will reach to 200 US billion Dollars in 2021.
  • Join the Gaming Community at Gaming Show
  • Attend the largest gathering of global, commercial and tribal gaming professionals.

GAMING focus on games for :

  • smart devices (such as Iphones, Androids, Windows Phones, and various tablets) and social games for portable devices.
  • E-Sports game, gaming devices, hardware, related-products and services
  • VR/AR games, devices, hardware and related services


Devices Entertainment Software Management & System
VR / AR Devices

3D Display VR / AR Glasses


and Helmet Stereo Headphone

Sensor Equipment

Arcade Game

E-sports Game Simulator

Edutainment Interactive Game VR / AR Survival Room

Game School

VR / AR Contents

Application Animation

Program Content Distribution Medical / Health Hologram VR Camera

3D Scanner & Printer

iGaming Software

Broadcast Technology Video Production Technology Streamer Management Service 2D / 3D Game Designer Game Developer


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