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ICTCOMM Technology Week


No. of Products: 0     Stand Number: B25,26




No. of Products: 3     Stand Number: Q13

HANK ELECTRONICS CO.,LTD. (stock abbreviation: Hank, stock code: 837842). Hank, founded in 2008, is the original designer and manufacturer of consumer electronics solutions, mainly engaged in R&D, production and sales of mobile accessories, audio accessories, HDMI accessories, home automation etc.



Công Ty Vistron Pte .,Ltd

No. of Products: 0     Stand Number: N24




No. of Products: 0     Stand Number: L7

Công Ty TNHH Công Nghệ Phần Mềm Go-Ixe

No. of Products: 0     Stand Number: L5



Công Ty CP 698 Cloud

No. of Products: 0     Stand Number: L3



Fira Photonics Co., Ltd.

No. of Products: 0     Stand Number: E21,23

Fira Photonics Co., Ltd. founded in 1999, has grown to become a leading manufacturer of planar light wave circuit components for telecommunication market. Fira Photonics Co., Ltd has tried to its best to understand customer's needs and devoted to manufacture high-quality products to satisfy customer's requirements. For our customer's satisfaction...

iWork Group

No. of Products: 1     Stand Number: M30

iWork is the most effective application system that uses artificial intelligence (AI) 4.0 today. It provides information regarding recruitment and provides intelligent job searching on smart phones and websites with only one touch. Thanks to the features: SCANNING DIVISION, CHAT LIVE, LIVE CALL and ONLINE INTERVIEW you do not have to pay any fees t...



Công ty Cổ phần Tư vấn và Phát triển Sao Khuê

No. of Products: 0     Stand Number: M29

SAO KHUE is a language solutions provider for Multinational Corrporations (MNC), Government Organizations and Non-Government Organizations. With morre than 20 years off exxperience and solid exxpertise in many fields, our linguits and localization engineers can confident to deliver the optinum solutions to meet customer demanding requirements. In p...

NEO.,JSC was established in November 2003 by Vietnam Posts and Telecommunications Group (VNPT) to provide high-value services and solutions of software development and system to businesses, organizations and government such as teleco enterprises, both small and medium businesses and large enterprises in the country and the region. The main product...



EyeQ Tech

No. of Products: 4     Stand Number: E22

EyeQ Tech is currently one of the leading companies in AI (artificial intelligence) and computer vision in Vietnam. Our key products include face recognition technologies, action recognition, vehicle identification, fire detection and heat maps. Our system has high accuracy, streamline design with reasonable investment costs. EyeQ provides solution...

ValueHD Corporation

No. of Products: 0     Stand Number: F21

ValueHD Corporation is a professional AV integration and conference solution supplier. Stock No.: 871053. Founded in 2008, VHD has more than 10 years OEM/ODM/JDM experience, been focusing on Full HD, Ultra HD, video camera and audio devices covering HD video conferencing PTZ camera, HD camera module with zoom len for video surveillance. HD network...

Integration and Development Center for Enterprises (IDE)

No. of Products: 3     Stand Number: M28

Integration and Development Center for Enterprises (IDE) is a science and technology organization operating to support small and medium enterprises for sustainable development. IDE was established by Vietnam Association of Small and Medium Enterprises (VINASME) under Decision No. 225/QD-BTV August 22, 2013; License of science and technology activit...

Mideas Co. Jsc

No. of Products: 0     Stand Number: M27

Hana Intelligent Assistant Hana is known as a Solution of Chatbot applying Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) Technology, which was researched and developed by 9 co-founder of MIDEAS Technology Join Stock Company. With continual improvements, up to this point, Chatbot of HANA.AI has been reached to an amazing number...