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Accelerate the application of Artificial Intelligence and Data in the Banking and Financial Services Industry

According to Accenture's survey of 1,440 banks in the US, financial institutions are constantly investing in technology, expanding the use of data to promote business growth, especially solutions to apply intelligence technology. artificial.

The innovation trend of the Finance - Banking industry

The Finance - Banking industry is undergoing major changes towards efficiency and intelligence, applying new technologies, improving operational efficiency, and limiting dependence on people. Not only that, the increase of cybersecurity risks, customer expectations as well as competitive pressure from new financial models such as Fintech, or the trend of mobile banking also put pressure on customers. little joke for administrators.

Strategies for applying artificial intelligence technology in the field of Finance - Banking To be successful, banks are looking for next-generation artificial intelligence (AI) application solutions to enhance their capacity. operate by identifying critical insights into massive amounts of data, calculating risk, and automating routine tasks - all at unprecedented speed and scale. AI can help the banking industry balance the pressures it is facing, while maintaining its resources and identity, creating new values.

Leveraging the capabilities of artificial intelligence (AI) can revolutionize banking, freeing up human labor, allowing organizations to optimize, accelerate, and secure operations. The four applications that banks are focusing on investing in applying AI technology are: fraud detection, identity verification, conversational AI and voice recognition, robotic process automation ( RPA) for document processing and recommendation engine.

Accordingly, AI implements the implementation of infrastructure that meets the needs of each bank, improving overall resilience from fraud prevention and risk management; banking process automation; enable digital connectivity for remote workers, deliver better customer service, use customer data optimally to drive insights, and at the same time drive banking innovation while still complying with industry regulations.

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