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ICTCOMM Technology Week

ANTIK Technology

No. of Products: 5     Stand Number: E2

ANTIK Technology phát triển các giải pháp IPTV / OTT và Internet of Things đầu cuối cho các nhà khai thác, nhà cung cấp nội dung, nhà bán lẻ, thành phố và chính phủ. Đây là một trong số ít các công ty toàn cầu có sản phẩm phần cứng và phần mềm riêng cho hệ sinh thái IPTV toàn vẹn. ANTIK Technology cung cấp các giải pháp phát video trực tuyến từ đầ...

AVer Information (Vietnam) Co., Ltd.

No. of Products: 3     Stand Number: K1-K8 L1-L8

AVer Information creates smart, intuitive, and sustainable solutions that people use to engage and connect every day. Founded in 2008, we are dedicated to providing award-winning education and communication innovations that improve quality of life and provide alternatives to traditional conventions and technology. We are deeply committed to the com...

Accton Technology Corporation (Edgecore Networks)

No. of Products: 3     Stand Number: K1-K8 L1-L8

Accton Technology Corporation (TWSE: 2345) is a global premier provider of networking and communications solutions. After 31 years of network product design and development experience, Accton has built a highly-qualified global workforce that produces leading-edge integrated open hardware and software solutions for cloud data center, carrier access...

Avision Inc.

No. of Products: 2     Stand Number: K1-K8 L1-L8

The development and distribution of high-quality imaging and printing products have been the passion and goal of AVISION since 1999.

Aifa Technology Corp.

No. of Products: 2     Stand Number: K1-K8 L1-L8

AIFA TECHNOLOGY is a leading design company of Taiwan specialized in the design and manufacture of various products. For more than twenty five years, we have been entrusted with the production for various well-known brands and are highly acclaimed. AIFA had made many new wifi and IOT related products, We have provided our customers with professiona...


No. of Products: 5     Stand Number: Q22

A MY TECHNOLOGY & TRADING CO.,LTD. We is proud to be the distributor of Epson projector , the exclusive distributor of visual screen projector and Interactive large format display The product of horizon group.- Japan in worldwide . with over 16 experience years, amy company bring methods , design consultancy, advanced technology in the smart clas...

Alpha Display Tech

No. of Products: 3     Stand Number: I18

Alpha Display Tech is specializing in special glasses. As the demand for super thin thickness glass and ultra-small size glass has increased in recent years, we have specialized in special glass processing. The glass can be manufactrued over 50 ㎛ in glass thickness. and over mimimum 1mm in glass size. We can make the elliptical shape or the heart-...


No. of Products: 3     Stand Number: H11

Allbino is a systems expert in manufacturing / materials / energy fields such as MES and SCM. As an ICT specialist, we develop systems using the latest ICT technologies such as IoT and AI. Allbino is a professional group of Smart Factory.


No. of Products: 5     Stand Number: H22

To prevent serious damage and casualties caused by environmental safety accidents occurring in semiconductor & display processes, we continuously develop related technologies and make them into products.


Smart Cities

Add Able Co., Ltd.

No. of Products: 5     Stand Number: H20

[Everyone is in a convenient, healthy and happy world.] - We are manufacturing and supplying healthcare products to improve the quality of life for the socially disadvantaged, such as the elderly and the disabled, and for the healthy and convenient daily life of all people. - We are striving to localize rehabilitation aids and daily necessities f...

Abko Co., Ltd. [Brand name:ABKONCORE]

No. of Products: 7     Stand Number: Q25,26

ABKONCORE is established in 2001 in South Korea where especially strong in IT industry. We are growing rapidly through M & A various, companies where sells electronic products (Computer case, Cooling fan, PSU, CPU Cooler, Gaming keyboard, Gaming mouse) We are leading the computer peripherals market in Korea and countless game player in korea trust...