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ICTCOMM Technology Week


No. of Products: 0     Stand Number: M25

Doanh nghiệp hoạt động trong lĩnh vực cung cấp miễn phí cổng thanh toán tiền kỹ thuật số, tiền giấy( Sử dụng công nghệ Blockchain đầu tiên trên thế giới) cho các cá nhân, doanh nghiệp và các cửa hàng dịch vụ. Giới thiệu các ứng dụng Blockchain về các sản phẩm y tế qua việc minh họa các thiết bị chăm sóc sức khỏe, bệnh viện blockchain và các App ứng...

D&L Technology Integration and Consulting Joint Stock Company

No. of Products: 0     Stand Number: N32

D&L was founded in 2009 with the objectives of providing world-class, made-in-Vietnam IT-related solutions and services in Vietnam and other countries. D&L is currently one of the leading companies in Vietnam in terms of technology innovation and knowledge in-depth in the following areas: - Automated library management - Environmental monitoring...

Draytek Corporation

No. of Products: 5     Stand Number: K1-K8 L1-L8

Founded in 1997, DrayTek Corporation (Chinese: 居易科技) is a Taiwan-based manufacturer of networking equipment and management systems. From ISDN, VDSL to LTE, DrayTek has always been striving to provide SMBs and professional with reliable, fast and secure connections. Our mission is to deliver high-quality and high-integrated networking services a...

D-Link Corporation

No. of Products: 3     Stand Number: K1-K8 L1-L8

D-Link is a global leader in connecting people, businesses, and cities with our computer networking solutions and technology. Our innovative products and services meet the needs of digital home consumers, small to medium sized businesses, enterprise environments, and service providers. D-Link implements and supports unified network solutions that i...

Dong Nam Technology Development Co., Ltd

No. of Products: 5     Stand Number: E13

Dong Nam Technology Development Co., Ltd provides wireless radio equipment, FM equipment: FM transmitter, FM reception antenna, FM receiver, FM encoder, and wireless radio speaker... for use at FM Radio stations. We are the exclusive distributor of RVR | Italy, Rolls|USA in Vietnam and a producer of FM equipment, branded "Made in Vietnam" Dong Nam...

Duali Inc.

No. of Products: 1     Stand Number: F18,20

Duali founded in 2000, is top supplier and one of the leading company in Korea for Smart Card Reader and NFC solutions. “The NFC Forum certification” was awarded to Duali products for the frist time in Korea. Duali develops a wide range of high quality smart card reading/writing devices, NFP and QR Related products and distributers it to over 70 co...

Dongguan Tw-Scie Co., Ltd.

No. of Products: 6     Stand Number: L13

DONGGUAN TW-SCIE CO.,LTD started fiber optic business since 2002. Now it owns 40,000 square meter factory to produce fiber optic cables and assembly patch cords .PLC, connectors,adapters etc.with production capacity of fiber optic cable 5 million core KM per year. Our products have been sold to Asia, Africa, South America, Middle East, North Americ...

Dongguan Patrivers Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

No. of Products: 5     Stand Number: K22

Patrivers Electronic Technology Co., Ltd is located in Humen Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province. which is one of the leading factories that has been specializing in the development and manufacture of high-end gaming keyboards & mice and commercial keyboards and mice. We have occupied an area of 7000 square meters with more than 150 well-train...

Dongguan Lingjie Electronics & Technology Co., Ltd.

No. of Products: 4     Stand Number: K17

Established in 2008, Dongguan Lingjie Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. has been focusing on developing and manufacturing keyboards and mice. We provide OEM & ODM service around the world.

Dawn Communication Co., Ltd.

No. of Products: 0     Stand Number: G20

Dawn Communication was established in 2005, with 14 years’ experience in designing and manufacturing antennas in this competitive markets. We are one of the leading antenna manufacturers in China now. Dawn’s featured products are including Low PIM antennas, broadband antennas, RFID antennas, etc. They are widely used for base station, repeater, di...

DBS Cooling Technology (Suzhou) Co., Ltd.

No. of Products: 5     Stand Number: G17

DBS provides telecom outdoor cabinet and data center cooling solutions. Products includes air to air heat exchanger, DC&AC air conditioners, intelligent rack air conditioner & in row air conditioner.

Digital Industry Promotion Agency

No. of Products: 0     Stand Number: I19,21

'- Development of relevant policies for the development of Yongin IT company and construction of infrastructure through establishment of infrastructure such as facilities and information - Through efficient business operation - Contributing to the development of digital small and medium-sized enterprises and the development of competitiveness of...

Daejeon Information & Culture Industry Promotion Agency

No. of Products: 0     Stand Number: I19,21

We supporting and nurture information technology and software. Contribute to the promotion of local economy by strengthening competitiveness in regional ICT-related industries.




No. of Products: 1     Stand Number: I15

D-CREATIVE will continue to educate students at an eye level to change the era of education. 3D printers, drone, software coding and so on. We participate in after-school classes and curriculum development. We also want to create a creative lesson that makes children's education a hobby and hobby becomes a profession.

DQ Co., Ltd.

No. of Products: 2     Stand Number: I13

On top of stressing the importance of coding education, DQ aims to establish an environment where students can embrace a new concept (“Coding”) based on the fundamental education theory. IT&CT technology that enables users to attain all of his or her necessary services and products in the digital world will be converged with the curricula crea...