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ICTCOMM Technology Week


No. of Products: 0     Stand Number: L7

Green Energy Nano Technology Co., Ltd.

No. of Products: 0     Stand Number: K1-K8 L1-L8

We respect the “beauty, happiness, health and long life” philosophy and excel in the design, development and production of nano-medical healthcare products. This led us to become a provider of quality therapeutic bed linen, a masterpiece forged in healthcare profession, for use in your daily life. With the benefits of great products, you will appre...

Genius Toy Taiwan Co., Ltd.

No. of Products: 0     Stand Number: K1-K8 L1-L8

Based on the four basic elements at 1976, after 40 years of accumulated wisdom, Gigo has developed 599 kinds more of functional building bricks and more than 100 kinds of world patents. One of the most amazing facts is that the 599 components can match with each other perfectly and thus produce thousands of creations.

GuangDong LDNIO Electronic Technology Co Ltd.

No. of Products: 4     Stand Number: K10,12

LDNIO is the factory of leading export enterprise of China's electronic accessories industry. In 2002 Card reader shipment was ranked top 3 worldwide. In 2010 Designed & produced the charging related electronic accessories, such as travel/home charger, car charger, power bank, power socket, data cable, Bluetooth headset, speaker, LED smart digital...

Guangzhou Gaoke Communications Technology Co., Ltd.

No. of Products: 0     Stand Number: G22

Guangzhou GAOKE Communications Technology CO., LTD was established in 1995 and has gained more than 20 years’ experience in Access Network. With nearly 500 employees in R&D, manufacturing and marketing, possessed of several patent technology and intellectual property, GAOKE is now committed to becoming the leading Access Network product & solution...

Goyang Industry Promotion Agence

No. of Products: 0     Stand Number: I19,21

We supporting and nurture information technology and software. Contribute to the promotion of local economy by strengthening competitiveness in regional ICT-related industries.

Gyeongnam Technopark

No. of Products: 0     Stand Number: I19,21

Chúng tôi là trung tâm đổi mới khu vực, với mục tiêu làm phong phú ngành công nghiệp địa phương và thúc đẩy các công ty khởi nghiệp tích hợp công nghệ qua việc đẩy mạnh quan hệ hợp tác giữa các ngành công nghiệp, học viện, viện nghiên cứu và chính phủ Gyeongnam.

Gangwon Information & Multimedia Corporation

No. of Products: 0     Stand Number: I19,21

The purpose of establishment is to expand basis for growth and strengthen competitiveness of local ICT industry

Giant Corp.

No. of Products: 5     Stand Number: H23

Founded in 2013, Giant has mission that change the paradigm of culture industry. It has made 200+ cultural contents and now developing GVNT; a platform anyone can create social event.

GCOM Technologies Co.,Ltd.

No. of Products: 4     Stand Number: I2

Founded in 2001, GCOM is a national high-tech enterprise invested by Futong Group, which is located in Nanshan high-tech industrial park and focuses on providing carrier-class communication products and programs of state-level high-tech enterprises. GCOM focuses on R & D, production and sales of data communications products. Moreover, it provides a...

Getfly VN Tech., JSC

No. of Products: 1     Stand Number: Q20

GetFly CRM is a customer relationship management software for sales, marketing and services. We build a closed - ecosystem for enterprise that connects all members and departments working on a single platform. This solution helps enterprise management smarter and save more time.